Environmental Due Diligence

Services supporting real estate and corporate transactions

·         Review of previous / current transactions' documents and reports 

·         Desktop studies

·         Phase I type environmental due diligence assesments 

-           detailed document reviews, review and evaluation of previous transactions' documentation

-           site visits

-           identification of potential and existing liabilities

-           suggestions for further steps

·         Phase II type, intrusive soil and groundwater quality investigations

-           supplementary data collection

-           on-site sampling as necessary (sampling of soil and groundwater hydrogeological and geophysical investigations, asbestos, PCB/PCT sampling, laboratory analysises, etc.)

-           Detailed investigation of conformance with operational rules

-           Cost estimation of remediation and monitoring processes

Of course the list does not end here, because we can be your partner by helping you with the following:

·         Co-ordination of communication with authorities

·         Planning, documentation, design the stages of remediation

·         Co-ordination of works with environmental subcontractors

You can get more detailed information on all this at the Water Quality Protection, Soil Protection menu. 

More about Envioronmental Due Diligence

We know the nature of these kind of projects very well and we do know how fast we need to deliver excellent performance for our Clients. We think every transaction - including the selection of a land, selling, buying, renting a portfolio or a part of it - means a unique combination of environmental, health and safety and sustainability related financial and reputational risks.

A well performed due diligence assessment can help to understand, quantify and find the options for reduction of these risks.

A due diligence assessment typically means the assessment of the subject property, land, site(s), manufacturing facility, combination of these as a portfolio or part of that. All this happens to help our Clients identifying and understanding the following:

·         Is the subject land, site(s) contaminated by hazardous materials that can be inherited by completing the transaction

·         Are there non-compliance issues associated with the operation?

·         What environmental liabilities can resulted by the transaction and what costs are associated with them? 

·         Can the transaction's value and duration be affected by the environmental impacts and liabilities?

·         Can the transaction damage your brand and its reputation