Annual Air Emissions Reporting („LM”)

First of all the deadline is 31 March following the subject year.

The background: According to the  306/2010. (XII.23) Govt. decree paragraph 31 indent (2) the operators of air emission sources must provide data annually on their emissions based on the requirements of the Annex 7 of the decree.

Since last year the reporting datasheets have slightly changed, so it does worth paying some more attention over the usual level.

The operators of cooling equipment that contain more than 3 kg of regulated cooling agents must provide their reports to the competent authorities by 31 March, following the subject year. The report must be sent over the user interface available at

NECS obviously can help preparing the the annual report according to the decree and beyond that, we can help you to achive compliance with the further requirements of the decree and with other air emissions related legislation, as well as maintain compliance continually.