ISCC System Update - 03 May 2019

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EPA Withdraws Its Approval of Updated ASTM Standard for Environmental DueDiligence

Those who are interested in the world of Due Diligence will surely be continue reading this article:

Some recent changes to the Hungarian environmental legislation

50/2013. (VIII. 27.) NFM decree on the amendment of the 1/2012. (I. 20.) NFM decree on the calculation method of the share of energy generated using renewable energy

72/2013. (VIII. 27.) VM decree on the labelling of wastes

316/2013. (VIII. 28.) Govt. decree on the rules of permitting and sale of biocide products

317/2013. (VIII. 28.) Govt. decree on the selection of municipal waste management service providers and the contract on the municipal waste management sevice

318/2013. (VIII. 28.) Govt. decree on the the fee of landfilling of wastes and the purpose of its usage

73/2013. (VIII. 28.) VM decree on the amendment of some nature protection related decrees

71/2013. (VIII. 15.) VM decree on the fees payable for the procedures of qualification of municipal waste management service providers

310/2013. (VIII. 16.) Govt. decree on the detailed rules on the waste management and waste prevention plans

New law on waste - published!

A we mentioned in the introduction, the framework law on waste has been officially published and enters into force on 1st January 2013.

The official text of the law is available at the following link:
please look for it at page 26904.

We will provide with some more information on the law that brings deep changes to management of waste. It initiates the implementation of 44 different decrees - 27 at governmental level, 17 at ministerial level.
Local authorities are authorised for implementation waste management related laws in 4 topics.

ecoPortal partnership

If you are operating a management system, does not matter if that's an ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS, or other standard based one, you have surely though of how this could be done better, so that the system was simple, transparent and works well.

We have a partner and a solution for it!

The ecoPortal solution is

  • easy to use,
  • transparent,
  • almost paperless,
  • illustrative
  • objective driven
  • encourages engagement
  • visible
  • integratable

We are already an official ecoPortal advisor, so details of this service will follow soon...

Watch this video and we are sure you will like it.


Fax problem

Dear Clients, Partners, RFP senders,

we kindly request you to contact us at our known availabilities, if you have sent one or more fax messages to our fax number +36 1 781 9997.

Our fax log has shown numerous non-delivered fax messages in the last 1-1.5 months.

Those who previously have used the number +36 1 787 4557, please use the above mentioned fax number from now on.

Sincerelly yours:


Annual Air Emissions Reporting („LM”)

First of all the deadline is 31 March following the subject year.

The background: According to the  306/2010. (XII.23) Govt. decree paragraph 31 indent (2) the operators of air emission sources must provide data annually on their emissions based on the requirements of the Annex 7 of the decree.

Since last year the reporting datasheets have slightly changed, so it does worth paying some more attention over the usual level.

The operators of cooling equipment that contain more than 3 kg of regulated cooling agents must provide their reports to the competent authorities by 31 March, following the subject year. The report must be sent over the user interface available at

NECS obviously can help preparing the the annual report according to the decree and beyond that, we can help you to achive compliance with the further requirements of the decree and with other air emissions related legislation, as well as maintain compliance continually.

European M&A to advance after "lost year"

An interesting article on a promising next year for M&A.
NECS is ready to take the challenge!

The act on the protection of air and related decrees are about to change

You can read the planned changes at the following link. We are awaiting your comments, questions on our Facebook page.

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