The NECS Environmental Consulting Ltd. provides useful solutions for Clients who want to do their activities that have an impact on the environment harmonised with the economic, technological and social needs.

We deliver reasonable and deliberate compromises for our Clients that do help and focus on the protection of environment and compliance while opening new opportunities for them.

Our knowledge and experience serves the integration of environment protection into the everyday life, to enable achieving mandatory and voluntary objectives, recognition of authorities and interested parties and last but not least the high level of protection of the environment.

We use a remarkable and constantly expanding range of EHS freelancers with a substantial and diverse experience supporting our work. Beside all this we work in close partnership with some great domestic and international names of this profession to deliver high quality services for our clients at almost every fields of the environment protection.

Please select your choice from the Services menu and should any of our services raised your attention, you can contact us right away.

We hope that you become our Client very soon!


Sincerelly yours:

Nyíri István

Managing Director

NECS Environmental Consulting Ltd.


Choose us, because...

  • We have diverse, usable routine and professonal experience.
  • We are capable to do our work in English at all levels and forums.
  • We know multinational Clients’ company culture at both ends.
  •  We are Client focused, thorough and honest.
  • Our administration and project management is flexible, co-operative and confidential. We rapidly understand technologies, processes, systems.
  • We can explain practically and clearly whatever our Clients have to understand.
  • We have a comprehensive knowledge of domestic and EU environmental law and environmental authorities.
  • We are always available.